Robin Bailes is a freelance writer with various credits on stage, page, screen and radio. While specialising in comedy Robin also writes drama; he has written and directed the web-series Coping, now out on YouTube; and has written the book for dramatic musical, Learning to Fly, working with composer Kerry LaPorte.


Robin is the author of 6 pantomimes published by Spotlight Publications, a school’s show published by Lazy Bee Scripts, has written for 7 BBC sketch shows, and was a winner in the BBC’s Last Laugh sitcom writing competition.


In addition to script writing, Robin is a passionate amateur film historian and has written a book on silent film called ‘Just As Good But Quieter’, for which he is currently seeking a publisher. He is also the writer and presenter of the web-series Dark Corners (of this sick world), based around old B Movies.


Robin has written short stories, articles, jokes and sketches for various publications, companies and productions. For the last 9 years he has been a regular member of the London Comedy Writers (and is now chairman), gaining considerable experience in editing and script doctoring. He has co-directed the London Comedy Writers stage show 'Sketchageddon' 3 years running at the Canal Cafe Theatre, and produced 2 more years.


Robin also works as a freelance ghostwriter and is available for paid writing work.


Robin Bailes- Writer